cooking baked oatmeal for breakfast but it’s past 12 and i don’t like eating breakfast past 12 even though technically, anything you eat after waking up is breakfast. it joss don’t feel right to me tho *sigh*



padjad said: you are such a good person

ooh don’t really know where this came from but thanks! lovely messages always brighten up my day ^___^

don’t fight hate with hate
by white people that have never had to fight for their humanity

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in the swing of things, the new york times t style magazine fall travel ‘13

i feel quite bad now because i hate being blunt and kinda mean with people who have no ill intentions but that anon just caught me at a really bad time. also as a white person you should never “apologize on behalf of your race” or express your white guilt to poc because it literally does nothing at all. put your energy into spreading awareness and teaching your peers instead!

Anonymous said: I've liked your blog for so long. Good luck at university and all.

i’m glad to hear that and thanks bud, come back when i’m not feeling like i wanna rip someones head off