Fei Fei Sun in “Mixed Media" for Vogue August 2014 photographed by Mikael Jansson

Jeppe Hein
A Smile For You24 April - 28 Juli 2013Bonniers Konsthall , Stockholm, Sweden

why does it legit take me a month to tidy up my room?? its not even ever that messy? but i can never finish tidying it up in a day? and then it just gets messier?

Fly Away, Jang Yoon Ju (장윤주)

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Anonymous said: but did you buy #artpop on iTunes

who keeps asking me about artpop???

it’s 2014 and we’ve really got to stop falling for troll accounts that parade as social justice blogs with the intention of making the social justice movement look ridiculous

like, some posts are so ridiculous that it astounds me some people actually fall for it.


A sunset from behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland. photo by David Shield